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0 My Twitter bird gives me $100 in an hour. Does yours?

I guess you all know what is twitter. Recently I have been experimenting some things in it and I found the gold hidden in it. I will surely assure you that you will not make less than $100 in an hour. I know many of you will be thinking all the lame posts out there saying the same thing. Now I will show you how to do it. Just let me give a hint. "Its something related to Trends". Now figure out how to do it. 

Ok, If you think this is just any other post then you are wrong friend. If you have got just 1 hour of spare time then please try this method and you will be shocked by the results.

Now let's go on with the steps. Usually I never say step by step methods to anybody. But because this is MMD, I am writing this and this forum rocks. 

Step 1: Create around 5 female accounts on twiiter. Twitter allows 10 accounts on one IP address.

Step 2: Now, add some sexy photo's to those accounts.

Step 3: Here is the main deal, go to


and see the status of trending topics. While I am typing this post I can see [Snow Leopard, #itmightbeover, Labor Day, AT&T Maria Campbell, #pray4maiacampbell, Jay-Z etc.......] are the trending topics.

Step 4: Now open the word document and copy those trends in it and make changes like this 

Snow Leopard, MMD exclusive Money Maker Discussion Forum|Seo|Blackhat Seo|WhiteHat|GreyHat|Affiliate and Internet Marketing - Powered by vBulletin #itmightbeover, Labor Day, AT&T Maria Campbell, #pray4maiacampbell, Jay-Z

Did you see the difference. Yes, that is my promotion link.uke: Now don't look at me like that I am a bit greedy bastard so thought of why to spend the money when you are getting it for free I mean the Jr. VIP status. Don't tell this to Dr.P or God of Hell Fire who knows they might ban me. 

But I guess you know what to put it in their. Remember that you have a limit of only 140 characters in twitter. So check the characters by going to the tools option in word and click on the "word count"

Step 5: I guess you might have understood what i was saying. Now how do you make $100 with this. Do I need to tell this too. Ok, I know some lazy ass will be reading this so I am writing this for him. 
Sign up with any CPA company and use the email submit offers. Financial offers they seem to get more advantage and money I guess. Those who don't have a CPA account keep reading you might find something for you too.:bird:

Step 6: There is one more process here. You need to keep deleting and pasting the same tweet again and again at a frequent intervals of 3 minutes.

Step 7: Now you might wonder how come twitter couldn't find out this ****ming method. Yes, they did find out this. I experimented this with almost 50 accounts. And what i saw was that Twitter will suspend your accounts if you post it again within less than 3 minutes. I mean the above tweet should be there on your profile for more than 3 minutes so that the twitter spider will recognise you as a person and not any ****mer. If you keep it for less than 3 minutes then surely your account will be suspended.

I had one account and i used this method for almost a week before they suspend it. It couldn't have been suspended since i tweeted a bit earlier than 3 minutes. If you see that they are suspending your accounts even at the intervals of 3 minutes then increase the time gap. That is why we are having 5 accounts for. 

Now in this method you don't even need large list of followers. So time saving and fast earning method. Now if you are a bit greedier, then put your website address in the profile and you will see some hits their too and what else might possible that your adsense earnings will raise. Remeber that twitter will suspend the accounts having the same website address in more than 3 profiles. So give your ass a little work.:turtle:

Now the guys, who don't have a cpa account, I will tell you another good idea. Just copy this method and make a ebook and sell it on DP.:thefinger: It is not less than worth of $100-$150. 

Lets calculate the time here:

Creating twitter accounts. 5 minutes.

Adding a pic and good background with profile information: 10minutes.

Remainint time: 45 minutes.

Tweets at the interval of 3 minutes: 15 tweets

Each tweet visitors: Let's assume 3 visitors( there will be more ) for each tweet you make. 

Total no. of visitors: 45

Earnings: If 30 of them even submit their email, then $100. I know it depends on the offer. But guys come on get a bit greedier and get a high paying offer. :viking:

So total of $100 made in an hour. Now start scaling it up. More accounts means more traffic. I guess i dont need to tell that. epsi:

If you can't even make money now even with this method, then its better that you should give up IM and start..........*words dleted due to parental problems.
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0 PR 9 Forum Backlink for Seo

This may be helpful to some of you. I think a good portion of these are nofollow, but it's good to have a balance of nofollow and dofollow overall. These are all Google Page Ranking 9, so enjoy! http://www.bbc.co.uk/messageboards/newguide/ https://evolvecert.elsevier.com/cs/Satellite/Forums?Audience=Student http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/ourgame/community/forums/ http://gamespot.com/forums/index.html http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~hhks/viewforum.php?f=1 http://ewh.ieee.org/r2/johnstown/forums/index.php http://quality.mozilla.org/forum http://ei.cornell.edu/discuss/viewthreads/view.asp?MB=1 http://web.asu.edu/community/forum http://forum.newsgator.com/ http://discussions.blackboard.com/jive4/thread.jspa?threadID=5115 http://forum.creativecommons.org/ http://forum.metu.edu.tr/index.php http://forums.mysql.com/index.php http://www.addthis.com/forum/index.php http://www.adjunctnation.com/forums/index.php http://www.bibalex.org/a2k/Forum/Topic.aspx http://www.milonic.com/forum/index.php http://www2.unil.ch/nevada/index.php http://gewa.gsfc.nasa.gov/clubs/garden/MessageBoard.html#bn-forum-1-1-2051524061/5533/0/show/MessageBoard.html
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0 CPA + Youtube Make Money Online Easily

Last month I became interested in video marketing thanks to MMD YouTube Challenge. I then seriously started thinking how I could apply this with my already existing CPA based websites. I came up with my own plan. I started implementing it on the 3rd of this month and I reached $50/Day within 3 weeks. In this thread I am going to share my method with you all.

This method is very simple. Some of you might be already doing this.

Step 1: Pick a CPA Email Submit Offer

I opened the offers page of my favorite CPA network. I was interested in:

1) Email/Zip submit offers
2) Popular offers with a good conversion rate
3) Banner or Contextual type of marketing allowed
4) Preferably USA offers
5) Avoided iphone or ipad email submit offers as I could face stiff competition

Step 2: Keyword Research

I opened my favorite keyword tool and typed the root keyword. I was only interested in keywords which matched the following criteria:

1) Keywords which are directly relevant to the email submit offer
2) Exact match with more than 50 searches per day
3) Less than 250,000 search results
4) Keywords for which there are less authority sites in the first page
5) Keywords for which there are no videos displayed in the first page.

I picked 4 keywords which are directly related to the email submit offer.

Step 3: Build a Landing Page

I already had a few CPA based websites, but I decided to buy a new domain for this project. This is what I did:

1) Bought a domain name which consists of the root keyword.
2) Built 4 landing pages for the email submit offer. I liked to have a separate landing page for each keyword.
3) Placed the image of the email submit offer on my landing page
4) Wrote enticing Call-to-Action next to the image
5) Placed a button with this kind of text "Get Your Free [Product Name] Here!"
6) Wrote the most important benefits/features of that offer

Here I would like to mention that you can also iFrame the offer. It is best to contact your affiliate manager when in doubt whether to iFrame the offer or not. For this project, I wanted to build landing pages to convince and make the visitors more interested in the offer.

To justify my "Zero Investment" in the title of this thread, you can use a blogger blog and redirect to your offer.

Step 4: Publish Video

For producing the video, here's what I did:

1) Gathered images from relevant sources
2) Created some slides in Powerpoint and saved them as images
3) Used Animoto, uploaded my images, added music and background and produced the video
4) Watermarked the video
5) Exported the video to my Youtube account
6) Wrote an exciting title, description and tags, link to the landing page in description
7) Added an annotation note to the video

Published 4 videos, 1 video for each keyword.

In case you are new to making videos, let me tell you it is very simple. The first time when I learnt how to make a video, it took me around 2 hours. Now it takes me 15 minutes.

Step 5: Traffic

Here are the exact steps which I followed:

1) Pinned the videos to my Pinterest account
2) Tweeted the Pinterest links
3) I had generic twitter account with 2000+ followers and pinterest account with 300+ followers. These are not niche specific.

That is it. I haven't built any other link, telling you the truth.

After 10 - 15 days, started getting the traffic as 3 of my videos are in the google first page.

Got 150 visitors/day from those 4 videos and 35 people converted, making me $50 +/day.


I think these are the most important steps which I did right, to get the first page rank -

1) Choosing keywords
2) I analyzed the top 10 pages in Google and the top 10 videos for the keywords. I wrote my title and description and made it better than the other sites and videos.
3) Produced videos with offer related images, slides containing call to action
4) Video title, description and annotation - I wrote these in such a way that convinced visitors to go for the offer
5) Video tags - all combinations of keywords related to the offer and some generic keywords


You can twist this method a lot. You can do all this and more -

1) YouTube commenting to make videos popular
2) Buy YouTube views
3) Buy twitter or pinterest followers
4) Build backlinks to videos
5) Twist the method itself.

In this method, I relied on the videos getting traffic from google rank. You can make youtube your primary source of traffic by mass uploading videos. Or make twitter your primary source. Or do clickbank, amazon products instead of CPA. Or promote your videos with adwords.

I wrote what all I did. I also wrote what you can do.

If you like this method and find it interesting, give it a try. And remember I am available anytime when you need my help

Now go make some money, come back and share your experiences here!
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0 step-by-step guide on how to make easy bank using Craigslist

Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to make easy bank using Craigslist without having to spend a single dime and with little to no effort. I haven't touched Craigslist in a little over a year but this method made me a lot of money.

What you will need:

* Multiple CL PVA accounts (If you don't know what PVA is then Google it. How to get multiple PVAs is proably the hardest part about this method, but I will try and explain later on how to get them easier. You can always buy a couple if you have the money to spend.)
* Multiple email accounts (these need be linked to the CL PVA accounts)
* ZIP/Email Submits (CPA Affiliate Network - Lazy Profits has tons of them and CL traffic is accepted on most)
* Proxies (recommended, but not necessarily needed)

Step 1
What we will be working with for this example is pushing laptop ZIP/email submit offers. Again, I highly recommend you hit up CPA Affiliate Network - Lazy Profits for a huge variety of offers.

I recommend having at least 50-100 emails and CL accounts ready to use. You will need the email accounts to have autorespond or vacation response settings. This is where the easy work comes into play.

Once you have your submit offer, set up an autorespond message on all your email accounts. Something along the lines of:
"Hey! Sorry, but you were late to reply. I already gave away the laptop to someone else, but the good news is, I got mine from this site a couple years back for free and from what I see they are still giving out laptops! You can check it out here: http://www.lptracking.com/SH2A"

You get the drift. You don't have to use that exact message, but whatever you do, be creative.

Step 2
You can either do this step manually or find applications that will do it for you. There are many CL posters out there. Most cost money, though. You can find some at: Super Secret List of Tools

Once you have found a decent submit offer, go to the For Sale - Computer section. You will be using up to 5 different cities with 5 different ads for each CL account you have. (Craigslist is weird with their geoIP restrictions, sometimes you can post and sometimes you get ghosted. If not, use Glype proxies on the web or Hotspot Shield to get your IPs right.)

So for example:
Account 1 will be submitting ads to: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago and Houston.
Account 2 will be submitting ads to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Orange County.
etc., etc., etc.

You can use multiple cities and not only the big ones, you can go even smaller and local. There are hundreds of cities on Craigslist. I recommend posting up to 5 ads a day on each account so you don't get them banned. You can definitely post more but don't be surprised if they get flagged.

Now, start submitting ads on each city with something along the lines of:
Price: $0
Body: I am giving away an old laptop of mine. I was gonna throw it out but I might as well just give it to someone. As long as you come pick it up or pay the shipping it's all yours.

Again, you don't have to use this exact same message. Just like you don't have to use laptop ZIP/email submits. Any kind of product can work for this.

Never use the same text for each ad. Mix them up a bit.

Step 3
Submit to every single possible city with these kinds of ads daily and watch the conversions rake in nonstop. Your emails will be getting spammed constantly with freeloaders trying to score a free laptop. They will be receiving your autorespond replies whenever they email you interested in your free laptop. Many will convert, some won't. The more emails and CL accounts you have, the more you'll be making.
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0 So easy you're mom could do it, so effective Method for Money Earning

I have previously shared this method but it is so simple and effective that it's worth sharing here too.

Anyone tells me IM is tough, this is what I show them:

One of the toughest things to master in internet marketing is exactly how you get in on products just before the demand for them explodes. Let me start by showing you a screenshot of Google Trends.

See that spike there in May? I was the only person promoting this product on that particular day, needless to say I cashed in big.

And another one...

There is roughly 40 in total. With each and every one I knew exactly when the demand would explode, I don't just mean to the day, I mean accuracy within 20 minutes. It is this laser-targeted accuracy that has helped me cash in hugely on product that are just about to get some large exposure.

This isn't about creating the exposure for yourself (ie article marketing or press releases) this is about knowing when this exposure is going to come, how to put yourself at the front of the line guiding all your clients to the product of choice, and how to be the only person advertising the product.

Wake up early in the morning and head off to the newsagents, purchase all the daily national newspapers (and a subscription to a scientific magazine).

Go make yourself a coffee and sit down reading all the papers. Look for new products on the market, when you see one see if they have an affiliate program, sign up to it, build yourself a small landing page (on a parasite host like wordpress if you have no money) and link into the product.

Get a PPC campaign up and running immediately using only the product name as the keyword and throw some money at it, at this stage the competition will be tiny, if not, non-existent.

Go out and enjoy the sun. Your job is done.

If you have experience, use all the darkhat Search Engine Optimization you know to get you onto the SERPS results as fast as possible. Get your site indexed immediately by submitting it to Digg.com and Mixx.com, ping it with Autopinger.com and you are set.

Case study:

Two weeks ago I saw this clipping in the most read daily newspaper in England (The Sun)

Willy big difference

A gadget that claims to lengthen a man's willy by a third has been backed by medics.
The extender - called Andro-Penis - uses a plastic ring, two rods and a silicon band.
Sixteen men with an average age of 47 wore the device for upto six hours a day for six months. Most of them had their private parts boosted by 32%
Now more trials will take place in Turin, Italy.
Study Leader Dr Paolo Gontero said: "The extender device produces an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, both in the flaccid and stretched state.
The perfect marketing product, there is bound to be a huge demand for it, plus it has the added benefit of the embarrassment factor, men don't want to buy something like this at their local store, online is discreet and that's a major factor.

A quick search on Google showed the producers to be Andromedical, and hey look! They have an affiliate program

Andromedical Affiliate Program for Webmasters

Before 8AM I had a landing page up and running (had to put in a call to the company to accept me onto the program quick) and my first sale came in at 09:15 for £150 ($217). 45% commission on this into my account.

Sales tailed off around 11AM before picking up again at around 6PM, it was constant for the next 4 hours and I netted around £1800 on day 1. By day two I had some competition on Adwords and the clicks were costing a little more, still netted over £1000. The sales tailed off as the competition became a bit more intense and I dropped the campaign after a week.

Ladies, are you kept awake by the fear that your boobs are sagging?That you'll wake up with a wrinkled chest?

If so, this new plastic cylinder claims to have the answer. We kid you not.

Simply slip the Kusk in your cleavage before you nod off and - hey presto (or should that be breasto?) - you wake up with untarnished boobs.

Or so the makers claim.

The American gadget, which comes in three handy sizes and seven colours, sells for between £29.99 and £39.99. It is aimed at women with C-cup or larger, nursing mothers and those with implants.

Inventor Cathinka Chandler said "As women age, wrinkles and folds can form between the breasts. Because I sleep on my side, I learned that gravity and the pressure of my breasts resting on top of each other was the culprit."

"Kush offers more natural rest for the breasts for a more comfortable sleep"

The Kush is about to be launched in Britain by Joanne Daborst from Lincolshire. She said "I wish it had been available when I was pregnant as the answer for those uncomfortable nights, when a good sleep is so desperately needed"
Now this product is fairly widespread in the states but in the UK it's new. And I was the only one monetizing it on day one.

Ok let's say for example your product doesn't have an affiliate program, find another two similar products that do and sign up. Make a review page comparing the results:

Product 1 - Ace! Very impressive results
Product 2 – Not bad, a fairly good alternative, but lacking in some areas
Product 3 (the one with no affiliate product) – It's crap, doesn't work and hard to use.

Further tips-

The newspaper you find the article in will generally influence the type of site you build. Say for example. In the UK we have two main types of newspaper, the “broadsheet” and the “tabloid”. Broadsheets are usually aimed at the higher class, city gent, whereas the tabloid is aimed at the lower class manual worker. The broadsheet focuses on world news, business and politics, while the tabloid focuses on sport and women. If you have never been to the UK then if you turn to page 3 of your usual tabloid newspaper, you will find a picture of a topless woman. The biggest selling tabloid “The Sun” has a website dedicated to page 3 here (don't worry, the homepage is clean and child-safe).

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0 Get To First 1 Google Page using UNIQUE Content + Tool

[Image: scaled.php?tn=0&server=525&a...;ysize=640]

Where can you find high page PR content.
What kind content Google looking for.
Create a high traffic content.
Make others content become your content.
For Who? 

[Image: scaled.php?tn=0&server=215&a...;ysize=640]

I copy high quality from web, but Search Engine did not show my content?
i have 100% unique content but no on #1 page of Google?
i have 100% unique high quality content on first page of google but no traffic. Now what?
Learn make Google loves my content and get lot traffic.

What is Good Content to SEO or Reader?

[Image: scaled.php?tn=0&server=85&am...;ysize=640]

Good Content is 100% unique, and very informative information to reader,Unfortunately this no all.

To Google - Good Content Means 100% unique of content, have keyword 5-8% main keyword thought out the whole content and H1 H2. A lot pingback and Linkback to the article you trying to rank. 

Reader - Good Content Means informative information, Reader want to 
know answer for they question. Able solve they question within the few 
step. So you need make it interesting by put up Photo Video. Short,Simple,Point front,Color text,conclusion.
Now you [b]realize what Google wants is different from what reader wants. So how to make both likes my content. 

Option #1 Find High Quality Content From the web become your content.

[Image: scaled.php?tn=0&server=3&amp...;ysize=640]

[Image: scaled.php?tn=0&server=69&am...;ysize=640]

Step 1 - Find high quality content from Google

Eg Write 'Dog training' in Google search 
Read the Top 3 article put it The best Spinner

[Image: scaled.php?tn=0&server=33&am...;ysize=640]

if you have Market Samurai 

Step 2 - Using The Best spinner

[Image: scaled.php?server=818&filename=2...res=medium]

Before N After 

[Image: scaled.php?server=88&filename=26...res=medium]

Copy whole content to The Best Spinner , spin the Article least of 35% unique to pass though Google duplicate filter. 

Step 3 - After you has spin your article please read though the whole content. And add some image, video be organize.

Step 4 - submit to Article directories like HubPage Squidoo, besure you leave your backlink at the end of your article. Done 

[Image: scaled.php?server=576&filename=2...res=medium]

Option #2 Write a article you own, Is easy trust me is fun - Recommend at start of Webpage 

[Image: scaled.php?server=703&filename=2...res=medium]

[Image: scaled.php?server=403&filename=2...res=medium]

Step 1 - Most of people start writing, they will ask what do i want to write a about?
Nope!! you should ask what my reader want to know about? of course 
before you write anything you have to did a little bit of research of 
what you reader want to know. you can find Yahoo answer and Google 

[Image: scaled.php?server=263&filename=2...res=medium]

Step 2 - Put the Question in google adword keyword tool see how many people search for the answer for this question? 

Step 3 - Write
the Content keep 300 - 600 words. Be sure include 3-5% keyword inside 
whole content. Add image and color text. Note beginning of you sentence 
should start with your keyword, H1 and H2 your keyword as well. 

Step 4 - submit to Article directories like HubPage Squidoo, besure you leave your backlink at the end of your article. Done!!! 

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0 [Step by Step Method] $500+ Weekly With Free Articles and Fiverr

Okay guys, here's a method I've been using for around 4 months that has not only made me a decent amount of money, but has by far been one of the simplest methods I've used in a while, usually only taking around 5 hours each day.

Everyone knows about article marketing, but as of late I'm seeing a lot of users giving up, and going as far as to calling the method itself "non-working"..

Well, I've been promoting products on CB using only free articles, and no, not through Ezine. Articlesbase is the only one I'm really using, and has accounted for around 80% of my profits. Ezine has grown a bit too spammy, and the approval time for articles can be weeks at a time.

Articlesbase usually gets an article approved within a day or two, and after around 12-15 articles are written, you are then able to write unlimited articles on auto-approve. This is a huge time saver.

At the moment, I am making around $380 each week simply from promoting products through free articles. I also use Fiverr as an extra cash boost, which we will get to later.

Now, on one of my last threads, there were quite a few nay-sayers, but that will come when anyone doesn't find the success with which I have regarding this method. The technique itself DOES work, the question is whether you are implementing it correctly.

And from what I can see, a big chunk of marketers, are doing just that.. Not working the method correctly.

There is no big secret to making this method work. But here's what you need to take into consideration when choosing your product and niche.


You may have heard that when looking for a good product to promote, the Gravity is the first thing you want to base your decision on. This is right, but also wrong. A high Gravity will usually mean that the product is selling well, but with a high gravity, also comes higher competition. When looking for products, I will look at several things in making my choice, with the Gravity being last.

These are some very important things I look at when choosing a product to promote:

*The salescopy - Does it contain correctly formed paragraphs, spelling and proper wording?

*Site design - Professional graphics, buttons and logos are a key to whether you'll get a sale.

*Subject matter - Is this something you would buy yourself? Does it tend to a problem many have?

*Bonus packages - Are they of good quality, or are they just a bunch of junk extra ebooks?

*Price of product - Use your common sense. The price can be a deciding factor of a product's success.

*Gravity and Keyword competition - Is it worth your time to promote?
When looking for products to promote, you need to have a good eye.

What Your Going To Do:

- Pick 2-3 products each day

- Write 3-4 quality review articles for each

- Submit - Up the votes for visual appeal to readers

- Promote articles through Twitter, Bookmarking, Fiverr, etc. If you choose.

- Rinse and repeat. (Seriously, it's that simple.)

So basically, I will choose 2-3 good quality products each day, and write 3-4 articles for each product, and no more than that.

You need to start thinking "quality over quantity" rather than the reverse.

When writing these articles, I try to personalize everything. Your not creating a s*les letter. This needs to be an objective review that warms the reader up and softly leads them to clicking over to the product page.

Don't worry about hype, the product page will do this for you. Instead, tell the reader about your personal experience and how this product helped you.

When writing your articles, you want to be the least spammy as possible. Your readers dont want to see a sales copy when they click on your article. Instead, take great care in making sure your article is personable and relative to the topic.

Many people like to flood their articles with affiliate links in the form of anchor texts. I find this yet again, to be a sign of a spammy s*les copy, something a potential buyer will spot miles away. Theres just something about most people, that will cause them to shy away once they find out you are going to profit in any way from a sale they make. So you want to make the article as normal and unsuspecting as possible.

Simply talk about the product, who created it, a little bit about the author, why it's better than other products on the market and how it personally helped you. Once your article is complete, simply place one link at the bottom in the form of something like:

"When it comes to (article topic here), I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called (Anchor Text with affiliate link here) Check it out!"

This will make you come across as a normal person simply supplying a link to the product site out of good nature. You can also place one link at the beginning of the article using the product name as the anchor text.

Now, unlike Ezine, Articlesbase allows you to place affiliate links in the article itself through the form of a url shortener. I Use ShrinkMyLink, and it works like a charm. This will take up less time in that you wont need to create a blog or purchase a domain.

Despite popular belief, direct linking to the product page has worked just fine with me, and commissions are rolling in. This is why the article needs to be of good quality, so that by the time they are done reading it, the only other place they'll want to go is the main product page.

What's the key to really pounding out solid traffic/commissions? - Your Title.

I'll keep this short and sweet, as it's actually pretty simple to do. When it comes to keyword research, this is the time when many marketers get a bit worried. I'm here to tell you that despite what you've heard, your not going to be spending hours on a bunch of technical SEO type stuff to get this done.

It's as simple as going to Google and doing a simple search. What we want, is to find 3 or 4 good quality keyword phrases that competitors aren't targeting. These phrases will consist of the product name, author name, and a few other general search terms. Let's break it down below:

Let's say your doing the product "The Last Traffic Secret", which is written by Kelvin Houghton.

Here are some of the basic keyword phrases I use, and that you should check for in Google:

* The Last Traffic Secret by Kelvin Houghton
* Last Traffic Secret Ecourse
* The Last Traffic Secret - Is It a Scam?
* The Last Traffic Secret Ebook by Kelvin Houghton
* The Last Traffic Secret Ebook Review

The 5 basic titles that I have the most success with are:

"Product Name Ebook Review"
"Product Name by Author Name"
"Product Name + Software"
"Product Name + Ebook"
"Product Name - Is It a Scam?"

Now obviously, you may have to tweak or change these up a bit, but you get the idea. Simply look for exact phrases that buyers would search for, and whether they are being targeted by anyone else. More often then not, they arent. You will be amazed at the amount of keyword phrases that big-time competitors are NOT targeting. Blows my mind.

Many of the articles I submit will hit #1,2,3,4 spots on front page Google within minutes, and they'll stay there. This is where most of your profit will come from, but the article directory itself will also account for many.

One more thing: PRODUCT LAUNCHES

This is where I make a big, big, big part of my profit. Targeting a product that is about to launch can get you over $400 in one day. Simply go to a few big name sellers, sign up through their opt-in on their affiliate page, and wait until they send you word of any new launches.

Write a few good articles, and publish them the day before, or no later than the day OF the launch. This will get you way ahead of the competition and help you rake in commissions like crazy. I did this for one of Rob Benwell's last products and it made me a small fortune, and continues to bring in profit over a month later.

To Top It Off.. I also use Fiverr. I create gigs that I can easily complete, such as SEO work, video testimonials or whatever, and then I'll push a product to the user once they are happy with the gig I did. It's easier then you think, and plus you make money from the gig. I make around $150-200 off Fiverr alone each week. ANY method no matter how small, should be used if it will put more money in your pocket.

That's basically it. Rinse and Repeat. Work on it every day, with a few products each day, 3-4 good articles each, submitted in different categories.

This method does work, in fact every other person I've shown this method to has made money within usually a day or two. Many of these their first commissions ever. It's all about doing the method correctly. Flooding a directory with 30 articles on one product will do nothing but punk you out as a spammer, remember your readers aren't dumb. Quality over quantity.

Here are some tips to sum everything up:

* Don't hesitate to create multiple author accounts on Articlesbase - This will keep you covered in case any one of your accounts were to get disabled for any reason. This can also be used for split testing different niches and products.

* Remember, don't just focus on IM products, as there are many other untapped niches available.

* Don't place any affiliate links within your Articlesbase author box. Simply write an honest sounding description about yourself and where your from. Only place affiliate links within the article body.

* Use other forms of promotion to increase your article traffic and clicks. eg. Youtube, Fiverr, Digg

* Submit articles no later than one day after a new product launch

* Don't over-promote the product, but simply tell a sad personal story that the reader can relate to

* Don't over-complicate things! You will become a better writer with each passing day, and before long will be able to knock out articles within a few minutes apart.

* Don't worry about low view counts, as we will make up for this through our wide range of products

* Tweet each article after publishing as it will add extra views and better ranking in Google

* Use a nice graphic or photo for your author pic - Girls work nice.

* If you do choose to publish articles on a directory that DOESNT allow affiliate links, simply create a free Blogspot blog containing an extended review or testimonial of the product, with a link to the product page at the very top and very bottom of the blog post. This will save you money on a domain also.

* Don't over-complicate things. Simple is safe, just take your time and work every day. You will see sales.

I continue to use this method and my sales are growing each week by around 15-20% - I'll keep you updated with anything new I find that works.

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